Elastop Sealer

Elastop™ – waterproofing and surface
protecting agent

Elastop SurfaceIs a permanently elastic, breathable, fully ecological waterproofing agent applicable on a wide variety of surfaces - dry or damp, smooth, porous or netlike as:

• Water barrier or sealant
• Long lasting coating (over 60 years)
• Rustproofing and prevention of further corrosive damage
• Stops weathering of concrete
• Mold prevention
• Control of water flow – e.g. in geotechnics
• Repair and bridging of holes, cracks etc.
• Bonding of different types of materials (e.g. wood and concrete)

Waterproofing capacity is created very quickly as the drying material forms a permanent, elastic, breathable layer over the surface to be sealed.

• Is completely solvent and toxin free and contains no substances harmful to humans, the environment or structures – water is the only solvent
• Bonds to all types of building surfaces – damp or dry
• Layer can be
- Covered – if needed - with paint, mortar, plate, tile, slab, or asphalt or
- Strengthened with a netlike material by pressing a mesh or non-woven fabric onto the wet surface
• Is easy to use

Elastop test reportElastop™ has been widely tested and used since 2005 in various applications, but because of the limitless possibilities, all of the applications are not yet known!

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Elastop™ is a Finnish quality product, available from
Paras Scandic International.

Why Elastop™?

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