Elastop Sealer

Elastop H – manually applied elastomer
(rubber-like compound) for minor jobs and DIY

ElastopHSuitable for all types of surfaces, porous materials (Leca blocks, Gyproc etc.) and various woven materials in
• waterproofing and sealing
• repair of leaks
• sealing of penetrations
• repair and bridging of holes, cracks etc.
• prevention and repair of
corrosion damage
• elastic surface treatment
• channeling waterflows in soil
• bonding together different materials (e.g. timber and concrete)
• mould prevention 

Elastop H
• bonds to all types of surfaces – dry and damp
• dries fast (e.g. a 1mm layer on a concrete surface is touch-dry in a couple of hours)
• once dry, forms a membrane /layer (depending on application thickness), which
+ is waterproof
+ adapts elastically to thermal movement of surfaces
+ breaths (permeable to gases but not liquids)
+ bridges cracks (bridging capacity of a 0.6 mm-layer is approx. 10 mm)
+ stops corrosion
+ retains its watertightness and elasticity for decades
• the mechanical strength of the layer may be increased by laminating (e.g. with a roller) a mesh-type or woven material (e.g. filter fabric) onto the wet surface if necessary
• wet surface can be coated, clad or tiled
• dry surface can be sanded and painted any colour 

Elastop H is 
• water soluble, completely solvent and toxin free and does not contain any substances harmful to humans, nature or structures.
• Finnish quality product 

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Elastop is a Finnish quality product, available from
Paras Scandic International.

Elastop H

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