Elastop Sealer

Elastop S – spray application elastomer
for large surfaces

An economical, durable and long lasting system for
• water and damp proofing and sealing in buildings and structures (wet areas, roofs, foundation walls, outdoor areas, pools, Leca block Gyproc surfaces)
• soil protection and sealing, channeling of water flow
• corrosion stoppage in building components 

Elastop S
• suitable for both damp and dry surfaces – no drying needed
• can be used on surfaces at any angle
• dries fast
• layer thickness can be specified freely according to need
• the sprayed layer is
+ breathing – permeable to gases but not liquids
+ elastic – bridges cracks, expands and contracts with base material without cracks or splits
+ seamless
+ non-slip surface even in rain
+ can be laminated or coated with different types of materials
• the system is
+ long lasting
+ ecological, toxin and solvent free – harmless to humans, nature and structures

Elastop S spraying method
• is a tried and tested solution
• is applied by spraying at high pressure 

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Elastop is a Finnish quality product, available from
Paras Scandic International.

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Elastop S