Elastop Sealer

Why Use Elastop™?

Based on many years of experience and laboratory tests

A coating of Elastop™ is equal to a human life
(over 60 years)

why use elastop• Adheres to a wide variety of surfaces
• Becomes long-lasting elastic following the thermal and moisture expansion and contraction of the covered surface
• Is breathable
• Is chemically and

Elastop™ stops weathering of concrete and rusting of steel
Due to the chemical composition of Elastop resulting in:
› Reduced need of maintenance = Savings in maintenance costs

Elastop™ prevents water flotation e.g. basement flooding
• Can easily be sprayed on a netlike material spread on the ground and attached to house walls. Elastop™ layer sprayed on a net can resist 30-40 m water gauge. Both layers can be covered according to the need or customer wish.
• Elastop™ can also be directly applied to the exterior basement wall surface.
› Elimination of water damages = Cost savings

Elastop™ can be used in contact with salt water e.g. ships
• Elastop™ can tolerate all chemical compounds with the exception of concentrated strong acids (sulphuric, nitric and hydrochloric acids) and organic solvents (e.g. xylene)
› Reduced need of maintenance = Savings in maintenance costs

Elastop™ is a tool to prevent and remove mold – together with EMI
• EMI kills the mold and removes the smell in a few seconds and Elastop™ prevents the development of conditions needed for mold growth

Elastop™ adheres to damp concrete building surfaces
• The ability to spread on concrete surfaces while damp shortens construction projects.

Elastop™ H
• Application by hand
• For smaller surfaces
Elastop H Elastop H Application

Elastop™ S
• High pressure spraying for large surfaces
Elastop S 1

Elastop S 2

Examples of Elastop™ applications

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Elastop™ is a Finnish quality product, available from
Paras Scandic International.

Elastop™ Examples

Elastop™ H

Elastop™ S